Excavation – Body burials

Body burials are recovered by osteoanthropologists. These take over recovery and the anthropological in situ – analysis. The details of the procedure can be found in the current guidelines.

During cleaning, it is important to ensure that all skeletal elements are cleaned completely wet, using a net or sieve (mesh size 1 mm). Disposable gloves must also be worn. The skeleton material is to be dried completely at room temperature before packing. Packing is done in packing units previously determined by the osteoanthropologist usually (skull + mandible, shoulder girdle, left upper extremity, left ribs, right upper extremity, right ribs, pelvis left lower extremity, right lower extremity, vertebrae). 

If the bones are largely unfragmented, stable and clearly identifiable even after cleaning and drying, they can be placed in the Euronorm box without a finds bag, with the exception of right and left ribs, right and left hands and feet, and the skull.

Closed Euronorm boxes with open handle and lid (L60cm x W40cm x H17) are used, one individual is stored in each box. Further details can be found in the current excavation guidelines of the BLfD and in the guideline of the SAM