The one-day seminar, which is held by the SAM every two years, is intended to serve the further training and exchange of osteoanthropologists working commercially in the country.  All interested persons who hold a SAM certificate can participate.

The first seminar will be held in the fall of 2024.

Normally, the seminar will include the following program items:  

  • SAM report on current topics, innovations in guidelines/procedures or presentation of relevant procedures or methods.
  • Changing focus topics: presentations by invited speakers and/or seminar participants
  • 15-minute presentations by participants: Presentation of current activities, presentation of open, technical questions, presentation of special cases, etc.
  • Discussion: space for questions, raising problems, suggestions, etc., (topics can be raised spontaneously, but they must be announced 4 weeks before the meeting if they are to be included in the program)

Upon completion of the seminar, all participants will receive a SAM certificate, valid for four years.