Delivery to SAM

The delivery of skeletal finds by excavation companies, can only take place after making an appointment with the magazine management. Please plan 5 working days in advance. When making an appointment, please also indicate the total number of Euronorm boxes to be delivered.

The following documents must be included with the delivery:

  • Fully completed handover form
  • Complete, digital finds list of the measure
  • Completed SAM Excel lists (see SAM guidelines)
  • For body burials: digital folder with completed skeletal diagrams for all individuals
  • If standardized findings have been made after excavation: digital folder with appropriately standardized findings sheets.

The SAM reserves the right not to accept material in the following cases:

  • in case of unwashed material
  • skeletal material without BLfD approval
  • in the case of skeletal material without initial contact
  • in case of block salvage
  • in the case of the use of packaging other than the prescribed packaging
  • in case of skeletal material sampled during excavation
  • in case of delivery without appointment
  • skeletal material younger than 125 years or from unlawful contexts
  • skeletal material without required documentation or uncompleted delivery form