The delivery of skeletal remains by excavation companies can only take place after making an appointment with the depot management. Please plan five working days in advance. When making the appointment, please also indicate the total number of Euronorm boxes to be delivered.

The finds to be delivered are to be checked by the Bayerisches Landesamt für Denkmalpflege (BLfD) before delivery to our depot in accordance with the documentation and find specifications. The BLfD will provide a signed transfer form authorizing a release of the finds to the SAM.  

An excerpt from the findings list of the material contained in the packaging units must be enclosed. Further, a complete, digital find list in Excel format and the complete results of the osteoanthropological in situ examination in the form specified by the SAM are also to be sent by mail.

Delivery address

State Collection for Anthropology Munich
Margaretha-Ley-Ring 1-3
85609 Aschheim-Dornach 
Telephone number.: +49 89 203 2428 31

Please note that the acceptance of findings can only take place if all necessary documents and files are complete at the time of delivery. These include:

  • a signed BLfD transfer form
  • list of the finds to be delivered, which must be sent in advance as an Excel list by e-mail to:
  • anthropological in situ analysis as an excel file.