Basic training & prerequisites

In order to participate in the training, it is necessary for participants to demonstrate basic osteoanthropological knowledge acquired through study or non-university training. Only then can admission to the basic training be granted. With their application for training admission, SAM certificate holders automatically commit themselves to professional handling and ethically correct treatment of human skeletal material.


(I) Completed studies (Master/Magister or Diploma) with an osteoanthropological focus (6 SWS theory anthropology, 8 SWS practical osteoanthropology, at least 2 weeks excavation experience).

(II) Scientific thesis (Master’s thesis, Magister thesis, diploma thesis or also doctoral thesis) with an anthropological focus.

If not all of the listed requirements are met in the program, there is the possibility of substituting them with non-university internships or course offerings. Details can be found in the corresponding guidelines (download link).


The applicant applies for admission to the basic training informally by e-mail to The following application documents will be sent as an online document in the attachment.

  • Curriculum vitae (with current contact details, including list of publications if applicable (also mention theses here))
  • Proof of the relevant degree
  • Proof of the SWS completed during the course of study (a confirmed list of the courses attended is sufficient)
  • Proof of the topic and content of the final thesis submitted
  • if applicable, proof of work performed outside of the course of study
  • Signed declaration of consent to the collection, processing and use of personal data

The documents will be checked for eligibility and the candidate will be notified of the decision within two months at the e-mail address provided in the application. The candidate completes the basic training. He will receive a certificate of the training from SAM/SPM afterwards, which is valid for 4 years.

In the following years, the candidate takes part in the offered refresher trainings during which he/she is again issued a certificate for the next four years.

Basic training

The basic training of approximately two hours will be conducted online by one of the trustees on regular dates, which will be communicated after the application. The content of the SAM training will be the organization of the SAM, standardized osteological reporting, and recommendations for excavations. The training will take place mostly online via Zoom, in groups or individually as needed.